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The 10th edition of Ikõt Ayan Itam Christmas Festival rounded off
…as the sole sponsor thanks God for provisions

By Enwoño-Abasi Ituen, mmi.

The serenity identified with Ikõt Ayan Itam village was stirred as Church Choirs, senior citizens and Youths of the village gathered at the Assembly Hall of St John Catholic Primary School, Ikõt Ayan Itam, Itu Local Government Area, to witness and participate in the 10th edition of the village annual “Christmas Festival”.
The Christmas festival, which started on December 26th 2009, featured praise and worship session, exhortation, songs competition, quizzes on the Bible and current affairs, dance party/ competition for children and senior citizens, presentation cash, wrappers, cartons of noddles and educational and other materials to pupils and others in the community; with St John Catholic Church, Ikõt Ayan Itam, The Apostolic Church, Ikõt Ayan Itam Assembly, The Presbyterian Church, Ikõt Ayan Itam and The Apostolic Church, Isoñ Enwoño Assembly featuring.

In his opening address, the convener and sole sponsor of the Christmas Festival, for ten consecutive years now, Akparawa James N. Edet, NPOM, expressed his gratitude to God for having initiated the festival, ten years ago, and for sustaining the vision of the programme by providing the sponsorship of the event, unceasingly, for a decade, through the favour and grace He has given to his family. He prayed to God for continued enablement as he requires no partnership in the sponsorship of the annual event.

One of the highlights of the 2019 edition was the presentation of “Awards of appreciation” to key contributors to the success of the festival so far, Engineer Essien Akpan Udõh, PhD, and Elder Ndifreke Godwin Akpan.

In the current affairs and the Bible quizzes, which centred on John Chapter 1-5, The Presbyterian Church emerged the overall winner with 44.5 points, The Apostolic Church, Ikõt Ayan Itam finished second with 31 points, The Apostolic Church, Isoñ Enwoño Assembly, ranked third with 28 points, while St John Catholic Church, Ikõt Ayan Itam, finished fourth with 27 points.

In the main event of the day, Song Competition, The Apostolic Church, Isong Enwoño Assembly, last year’s winner, defended their title successfully, by securing 85 points to emerge 2019 edition’s winner, St John Catholic Church, Ikõt Ayan Itam, followed closely with 84 points, to be placed second, The Presbyterian Church choir, Ikõt Ayan Itam, was placed third with 65 points while The Apostolic Church choir, Ikõt Ayan Itam finished fourth with 60 points. The songs: “Thou ‘thinkest’ Lord of me” (Õbõñ ke ekere mi) by Edmund Lawrence and the song: “Õbõñ Andibõk mi” (composed from Psalms 23) were used for the competition.

In his speech at the occasion, the traditional father of the day and “Ette-iduñ” of Ikõt Ayan Itam, ‘Õbõñ’ John Uduk, harped on peace and truth among the people; as these are ingredients of unity and development in any civilised society.

Some of those present at the event was

  • The Vice President of Itu Development Association in Lagos, Mr Mike Essien,
  • Lagos Branch Chairman of Ikõt Ayan Itam Development Association, Mr Daniel Udõh Ekong
  • The first Ikõt Ayan Itam born Reverend Sister, Sierra Leone based Revd Sister Tonia
  • A retired Headmaster in the village, Mr Peter Mbõkõ,
  • A retired Secondary School teacher, Mr Benjamin Jerome Okon
  • The Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio’s High Commissioner to North Central Nigeria, Akparawa Ekong Peter,
  • The Int’l P.R.O of mmi, Akparawa Tony Effiong, KSJ,
  • The Int’l Treasurer, Akparawa Peter Morgan,
  • The Int’l Auditor, Akparawa (Elder) Emmanuel Akang, and
  • The Int’l Welfare Officer, Akparawa Clement Akpan.

Others present were

  • The Special Assistant to mmi’s Int’l President Inter-Chapter Affairs, Akparawa Uwem Udeme,
  • The Chairman of mmi, Uyo Chapter, Akparawa Anietie Ekpo,
  • The Chairman of mmi, Itu Chapter, Akparawa (Hon) Onoyom Bassey Asanga,
  • Itu Chapter’s IPC, Akparawa (Elder) Uwem Etim Utip
  • The Personal Aide to the Int’l President of mmi on Media, Akparawa (Prince) Enwoño-Abasi Ituen, among others.